It’s pronounced like Steffan but with a “Z” – it’s ok I get asked that a lot.

My story starts with a one way ticket to California. But if you rewind to find out why, you’ll meet a fresh college graduate, degree in hand, who just finished applying to over 150 jobs and couldn’t have been more nervous about his future.

You see, before graduation, I always told myself that I would walk across the stage and head straight to California [but I didn’t heed my own advice] and I settled for moving back in with my parents and a job that barely paid $30K a year. To provide some perspective, $30K won’t get you an apartment in a safe neighborhood in Baltimore, MD.

5 Years Later…

Standing on top of a mountain in Boston, I came to a realization that I had messed up. I had forgotten.

I had forgotten that one thing that I always said I was going to do before I got busy and started a business.

And although I had seen great success with invites to the White House and to work with high-level companies like Uber and Netflix, I wasn’t happy.

So I started dreaming again and imagined a life that fulfilled every part of me so that I could become whole on a physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and financial level.

I bought a one way ticket and then I bought another and another. Pretty soon, I was on a two month-long 10,000 mile journey that lead me through 20+ states. I couch surfed and travel hacked my way around the United States.

One of the most amazing things about travel is you learn who you are when stripped of materialistic clutter.

I had nothing but a luggage bag with clothing for every type of weather and a spirit to find out who I really am.

In Denver, I found myself backstage with VIP tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert. In San Francisco, I was strolling the courtyard at Facebook HQ and in Dallas, I received a private tour of Cowboys Stadium (Pitbull and other musical artists were setting up for the Thanksgiving show).

But something strange happens when you start to discover who you really are – when the true self comes to light and you step into your greatness…

I believe that when you fully express the lifestyle you wish to achieve with intention and passion, the world tends to take care of you.

When I got home on January 1st, 2015, my bed no longer felt like my own. My home was the couch or the floor or the sleeping bag in the trunk of my car. Don’t get me wrong, I love my memory foam mattress and still sleep on it most nights – but I learned to follow my true calling.

It’s time to discover yours. What’s your story?

I wanted to show others that dreaming is possible. I had a dream to travel, meet strangers, eat amazing food, write a book, share my story and inspire people into action.

And so, the Year Of Purpose Podcast was born. Every week we interview inspiring entrepreneurs all over the globe that have created life on their own terms. We reverse engineer their success, discover what makes them tick and provide you with the highest quality content so that you can live a Life Re-Scripted.