YOP115: How to time travel with Gary Mancuso

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Bio: Gary Mancuso yearned to travel ever since he was a boy. Then, the summer before his senior year in high school, he left his family home in Ohio and drove to California. Arriving in Los Angeles with four dollars in his pocket, he slept on the beach for a spell until he got his footing. When he wasn’t off wandering somewhere, he studied economics, communications, and political science and got a master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Southern California. Before setting off on the journey that became the subject of this book, Gary headed business development in the trading room of a large regional bank. Along with his passion for travel, he is an avid trekker, swimmer, scuba diver, environmentalist, and private pilot.

YOP114: Midlife Living with Kingsley Grant

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Bio: Kingsley Grant is a Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Mindset Coach, Host of the Midlife Launch On-Demand Online Radio (Podcast), and a published Author.

He focuses on helping midlife professionals discover their life’s purpose so that they can decrease future regrets, live a life of significance and create a brighter financial future.

He teaches his Five Transformational SCORE Habits to create the framework that will sustain this discovery.

He is a proud dad, husband, a man of faith and an entrepreneur at heart.

YOP113: Making Things & Stuff with Paul Jarvis

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Bio: I’ve worked with companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and MTV, plus entrepreneurs with massive digital empires, including Danielle LaPorte, Alexandra Franzen, Marie Forleo and Kris Carr (and a whole bunch of amazing folks in between). I’ve spent 20 years learning how to make a living as a creative (as I’m still learning).

I currently reside in the woods, on an island with my wife Lisa and our gang of pet rats. I rock cheap beer toques and meditation beads (typically at the same time). I also have way more tattoos than you.

YOP112: Masters of Illusion with Michael Grandinetti

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Bio: Michael Grandinetti is not your ordinary magician. With performances on national and international television, in stadiums, arenas, casinos, and theaters around the country, with Oscar winning composers and symphony orchestras, for NFL halftime shows and major sporting events while surrounded by 70,000 people, for Fortune 500 companies, and even at The White House, Michael has made a name for himself around the world as an extremely talented and innovative illusionist and entertainer.

He has starred in NBC’s “The World’s Most Dangerous Magic” television special, The CW’s “Masters of Illusion” series, and Pop Network’s “Don’t Blink” series, and has been featured in FOX’s “Bones” series, the “Hollywood Christmas Parade” on The CW, “Entertainment Tonight”, “Access Hollywood”, “SportsCenter”, “NBA on TNT”, “New York Today”, “FOX & Friends”, and “The Bold and the Beautiful”. Michael was recently featured on the cover of TV Times magazine, released in newspapers across the country and Entertainment Weekly named Michael as “a great magician who can truly communicate with a TV audience”.

Michael has also pioneered live magic in one of the most challenging environments imaginable, major-league football stadiums, baseball stadiums, and basketball arenas for NFL and NBA halftime shows and large-scale sporting event shows. FOr example, at Bank of America Stadium, Michael caused people to appear, disappear, shrink in size, and levitate above the 50 yard line, while 70,000 people witnessed the magic with a 360 degree view and at Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium, Michael performed one of the largest live interactive illusions in history when he read the minds of all 45,000 people in the stadium at the same time. Michael’s performance for the Chicago Bulls NBA playoff game at United Center in Chicago even caused commentators Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley to comment in amazement during the live national broadcast on TNT.

Michael was recently honored to be the first illusionist ever invited to perform in the National Independence Day Parade in Washington DC. During this remarkable celebration of our country, Michael levitated a girl high above one of the floats as it moved down Constitution Avenue, while a live audience of 250,000 people lined the streets.

This is magic on a major scale.

And, don’t miss Michael when he stars in Season Three of the hit CW series “Masters of Illusion”, premiering in the summer of 2018.

YOP111: Music is Life with Matt Thomas & Ryan Keaton

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Bio: I formed “Sunstone Recordings” with my business partner Ryan to aid in collaborating with other composers and producers of music in order to focus their craft towards achieving high-end licensing placements in television, film, and video games. We have a history of composing and producing so much material that has been licensed in our career, that we want to expand on that by forming an artist collective that gives other composers an outlet to grow with us. We work with the creators on their albums in various styles of music, bringing the album from start to finish to then work with music supervisors and publishers that aid in securing licensing placements. The end goal being that we create a path for the collaborator to have a self-sustaining career in music.

YOP110: Be More Extraordinary with Emily Filloramo

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Bio: Emily Filloramo is a Be More Extraordinary Magician and the author of the book How to Permanently Erase Negative Self-Talk So You Can Be Extraordinary. Emily guides you to unleash true greatness and quantum leap your life through permanently erasing negative self-talk, fears and limiting beliefs. Emily is a graduate of Cornell University. Her professional trainings include Internal Family Systems modality of psycho-spiritual healing and self-leadership and Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP).

YOP109: Find Gold In Your Story Line with Jennifer Grisanti

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Bio: International speaker Jen Grisanti is an acclaimed Story/Career Consultant at Jen Grisanti Consultancy, Inc. Grisanti is also a Writing Instructor for Writers on the Verge at NBC, a former studio executive, a blogger for The Huffington Post and author of Story Line: Finding Gold In Your Life Story, TV Writing Tool Kit: How To Write a Script That Sells, and her upcoming book, Change Your Story, Change Your Life. Twenty-Three years ago, Grisanti started her career as an assistant to Aaron Spelling, who served as her mentor for 12 years. She quickly climbed the ranks and eventually ran Current Programs at Spelling Television Inc., covering all of Spelling’s shows including Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place and Charmed. In 2004, Grisanti was promoted to Vice President of Current Programs at CBS/Paramount where she covered numerous shows including Medium, Numbers, NCIS, 4400 and Girlfriends. In January 2008, Grisanti launched Jen Grisanti Consultancy, Inc., a highly successful consulting firm dedicated to helping talented writers break into the industry. Drawing on her years of experience as a studio executive where she gave daily notes to executive producers/showrunners, Grisanti personally guides writers to shape their material, hone their pitches and focus their careers. Since launching her consulting firm, Grisanti has worked with over 800 writers specializing in television, features and novels. Due to her expertise and mentorship, sixty-seven of her clients have staffed as writers on television shows, thirty-four have sold pilots, and five of those pilots have gone to series. Grisanti’s brand focus is “Telling and Selling Your Story and Developing From Within.” Currently, she is expanding her brand into storytelling in business with the launch of her new book, Change Your Story, Change Your Life due to come out in May 2013. As a way to inspire business owners and entrepreneurs she is offering the following presentations: “How To Give A Winning Pitch: Finding Your Voice, Story-Driven Success” and “Moving Beyond Your ‘All Is Lost’ Moment.” After surviving and learning from two major turning points in her life — a long-term relationship that ended after a short marriage and a beloved job that ended after 15 years with the same company — Grisanti is able to draw from her own story and use it to create her own success. From the lectern, she empowers others to do the same. Grisanti’s speaking points include: how to tell your story to ensure results; how to add fiction to your truth in your writing; how to be an active hero in your story; and how to be the author of your life. Her company hosts Storywise Seminars and Teleseminars as a way to deliver this message internationally. Grisanti also has a Storywise Podcast Series available on iTunes and via her website, www.jengrisanticonsultancy.com. The podcasts dig deep into our top storytellers’ histories as a way to inform, motivate and inspire listeners to go after their dreams. Grisanti has taught classes for the TV Writers Summit (in LA and London), The TV Writers Studio (in Australia), The Big Island Film Festival, Chicago Screenwriters Network, Scriptwriters Network , Screenwriting Expo, the Great American Pitchfest, the Northwestern Screenwriter’s Guild in Seattle, and the Alameda’s Writer’s Group. In addition, she has served on panels for the WGA, iTVFest, UFVA, PGA and The Writer’s Bootcamp, telling her story to inspire others. Grisanti spoke at the ERG for Google in April of 2014. Grisanti attended USC where she received a B.A. in Communications.

YOP108: Lifeology with James Miller

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Bio: James Miller is a licensed psychotherapist and piano composer who resides in West Palm Beach, FL. He has been in the mental health field for 20 years working in all types of settings: prisons, residential treatment centers, outpatient clinics, universities, partial hospitalization programs, and most recently was in private practice for the past 10 years.

He is also a talented composer and pianist. His last album “Consolation” is available on iTunes . It is currently heard around the world and on all digital radio stations.

His upcoming album “Restoration” will be released by Spring of 2018.

YOP107: Desktop Archeology with Danielle Watson

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Bio: Danielle Watson is a global provocateur, professional muse, choose your own adventurer, and the creator of The Purse Process®.
As an anthropologist who doesn’t like digging in the dirt, Danielle was faced with either walking away from the field she loved, or rising to the challenge of uniting the seemingly irreconcilable.
In the process, she hatched something irresistible: The Purse Process®.
Danielle’s Purse Process® is a pioneering tool that applies tried and true principles of archeology in a fresh way, placing a decidedly modern and feminine spin on this dusty science.
The Purse Process® is part of the unique tool kit Danielle uses as she guides women through restoring their core confidence, mentors them in achieving self-actualization, and teaches them how to turn their personal quirks into high-value professional assets.
Danielle’s uncommon mix of enthusiasm, personal strength, femininity, and vulnerability has made this unlikely anthropologist a popular, pint-sized inspiration to women everywhere.
In addition to being a TEDx presenter, Danielle has also been featured extensively in the media including, TV, radio, and top-rated podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire.

YOP106: Better! with Terry Lancaster

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Bio: Terry Lancaster is a speaker, lifelong entrepreneur and the #1best selling author of BETTER! Self Help For The Rest Of Us. He writes and speaks on the power of habit and focus, helping people build better lives, one better decision at a time, one minor adjustment at a time, one better focused action at a time.

He is a TEDx speaker, and his articles have appeared in multiple forums, including The Good Men Project. He is co-founder and VP of Making Sh!t Happen at Instant Events Automotive Advertising. For the last 20 years he’s been producing the biggest, loudest car dealer commercials in the history of big, loud car dealer commercials, most of that time working from home in his underwear.

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, he holds a degree in English/Journalism from Tennessee Technological University, where he learned how to program ginormous room-sized computers using a deck of cards and a rubber band, and how to edit newspaper and radio ads using a ruler, a razor blade, and scotch tape. And while all of that may make him sound MacGyver cool, it hasn’t come in handy much since graduation.

Along with his wife of 28 years, Terry is the proud parent of three daughters and spends most of his free time, like every other middle-aged, overweight, native southerner, at the ice rink playing hockey.

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