YOP 125: RAISE My Voice with Carol McKown

By June 22, 2018 Podcast Episode No Comments

From the outside I seemed to have it all – the handsome and athletic husband, the healthy kids, the career success, the homes, the cars, the travel, and the money. I lived the “All American Dream.”

I was happy and lively, very independent and confident, yet something was missing. Everything seemed to be on the right track, but even with the prosperity and things in life to be passionate about, I was not content. I had an undeniable yearning for more.

In 2004, my home and community in Florida was wiped out by a category five hurricane. It took over a year to rebuild so we could move back in. Six weeks later the eye of a second category five storm ripped through our little town again leaving me, and my family, in shambles. Life was a mess, not to mention the toll it put on me as a mother trying to keep her nest in tact and her family secure. Our family investments soured, my marriage fell apart, and life in the proverbial bubble burst.

Beginning in December of 2010, I experienced some circumstances that can only be described as miracles in my life. I also began having a series of dreams outlining the vision and business plan for RAISE, Responsible Alliance In Social Enterprise. I would literally wake up night after night at 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning with the clearest thoughts of how the business was to be executed. Today, that vision has become a reality in my company RAISE Global Services.

My purpose is to help corporations and business leaders, people with talent, resources, and influence, realize that they can do more good in the world. There is a way to make a difference that adds value to the company, its shareholders, clients, suppliers, and employees. This business model increases health to the company and to the communities in its footprint.

My purpose is to grow a movement whereby everyone of us believes that we can make a difference by using our passion and prosperity for purpose in the way we work, the things we purchase, the lives we lead to help others.