YOP001: You’ll Want To Quit Your Job After Hearing These 5 Words

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What if I told you that you can design and live the life that you want on your own terms, would you do it?
Would you take the leap into the unknown or would you settle for the life of limits, a life of safety but lacking true meaning Zephan Moses Blaxberg here and I am on a journey to help you ignite your passions, let go of your fears and get more out of life. Would you join me and make this your year of purpose, welcome to the year of purpose podcasts.

I think right back to the year of graduating college when it is a really tough time I got to apply for a job and then there is all this pressure from my parents to make sure that we get a really good high-paying job and I think that we were put under this false impression that you are raised to go to high school to get good grades so that you can go to college so that you can get good grades, so that you can graduate and get a degree so that you can get the job, to what? Retire and die. And I think that we got this false impression of how life could be lived, we are put into this bubble of what we should be doing, of what or appearance did and is okay to do and we are never given that freedom to see what else is out there and what the possibilities are. I apply to chapters I applied 150 to be exact and I remember it was like the last one, I saw it on craigslist and it was random posts in one day and as soon as I saw it I knew it was mine but 150 job applications in two weeks is absolutely insane. Never would I realize that entrepreneurship is even a possibility haven’t I never taken this first job. I work for the largest information company in the entire world running their video production studio, they sought over 100,000 business owners all over the world how to run their businesses better, how to be an entrepreneur and they were all living their dream life and then I got hit pretty hard, we had these strangers walked in one day and they invited me into the conference room and I realize one of them was a lawyer and one of them was actually the new CIO for the company and that was it, I got pink slipped. Your job can get pulled out from under you just like that and be gone and never saw it coming, I went straight on unemployment I tried to get my life in all that and go to the gym, get her routine and what I did from there was, I applied to more jobs and eventually Apple called me and they said we want you to work at corporate retail and I thought great having a put on my resume would be amazing and my parents would be proud because that is all any college graduate would really want to do is to make their parents proud. I worked that job for about a year and a half until one day that I remember clearer than ever was the day I decided to go quit, so customers coming to tell you that something is wrong they never coming to say oh my gosh I love this, your job is to put a smile on their face and to fix stuff and people come in pretty upset sometimes and one day a lady comes in and start causing a huge scene in front of probably 200 people and why she is yelling and screaming at me I’m kind of tuning out of this point because I’m used to it this is like a daily occurrence and I see a mentor actually behind her in a distance, one of my mentors who is a very successful business owner as someone who I’ve actually freelance work for in the past so he is also a client of mine and I am extremely embarrassed and fortunately he came over to me after the fact, after the woman got escorted out by security and he asked me if he could take me to dinner and I got caught off guard yes I’m off at five, six whenever it is, on back and we will grab dinner.

He takes me out to a really fancy place and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to pay for this because obviously he is a mentor of mine, he is doing me a favor it would be only be right that I pay for both his and my meal at a fancy steakhouse that I wasn’t eating that nice, I had a $30,000 a-year salary and he asked the bartender for a napkin one of these tiny bar napkins and he draws a ladder on it with 12 notches and he says here is zero and he asked me what are you making and I said $30,000 and he puts that at the top and he said okay pull out your phone and pull all the calculator and we did the math and he breaks it down and he said this is how much you have to make every months and then he breaks it down and he said this is how much you have to make every day if you just work five days a week and the number was crazy it came down to like $83 to replace my salary, I didn’t know at the time he was just kind of breaking down his numbers and ultimately he says you’re going to quit your job and this is how much you’re going to make each day to replace your salary and that was it, I walked in the next day I quit I open up my business I got a LLC, I got a lawyer and accountant everything and I started ZMB media and I have a look back since but what I learned from it was that, it is okay to be great, it’s okay to be great it is okay to give yourself permission to be great and to do amazing things. The problem is we’re stuck inside this bubble where we think we have to follow the mold of what or appearance set out for us to the point where we realize what is actually possible and out there so I wanted to keep in mind when you are tired of what you are doing, when you don’t know what is going on and you feel lost, remember if you have a dream it is okay to be great and to follow it.

You probably heard me talking about designing a life that you actually want to live, you probably might have heard about my travel experiences and thought to yourself yes I want to do that eventually someday I probably do it and my guess is you have been thinking about it for a long time, so I want to tell you this stop thinking your time is right now, you don’t need any more time, you don’t need any more info, you don’t need to keep putting it off and planning for the perfect time because the truth of the matter is this you can be the person who sits around and think about living a better life or you can be the person would decides that today is the day that you are going to actually do it and I want that for you because you already have what it takes, you got a fire inside of you even if you can see right now it is late but you need to open yourself up to the possibilities and through a couple of logs into the flames. So join me and the your purpose tribe by subscribing to our YouTube channel and on iTunes podcast and if you really like us please leave a review this is Zephan Moses Blaxberg and I can’t wait to see you again and the your purpose podcasts.

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