YOP003: What This Fearless Entrepreneur Did When Everyone Told Him He’d Fail


What if I told you that you can design and live the life that you want on your own terms, would you do it? Would you take the leap into the unknown or would you settle for the life of limits, a life of safety but lacking true meaning Zephan Moses Blaxberg here and I am on a journey to help you ignite your passions let go of your fears and get more out of life. Would you join me and make this your year of purpose, welcome to the year of purpose podcasts.


When I walked in the day before quitting my job and I started to do some of my coworkers tomorrow is going to be the day that I was going to leave, I actually had somebody who was actually twice my age old enough to be my father telling me that you are not going to do it, you won’t do it and that was the wrong thing to say because that’s what motivates me I love when people tell me that I won’t be able to accomplish something I want to do. I think back to when I was in college and I wanted to do this feature film, we had 118 page script and we went to every professor in the department and everyone said you can’t do it, you won’t do it there is no way you can accomplish this in that period of time and actually put my graduation on the line for it, I told them and I got to the last professor everybody else had turned me down and I said look if I feel to do this you can from me I won’t graduate I’ll take that, I am okay with that.


To be an entrepreneur you have to be okay with failure, you have to be okay with making mistakes you got to be ready for everyone to tell you you’re not going to make it because why? They are thinking within their confinements, they are thinking within what we can do and what they think they can or cannot do but when someone tells me I cannot do it I go all in and if you want to be an entrepreneur you got to be ready to answer the call. The world is going to ask a lot more in a few than it ever had before and if you’re not ready for it you’re not going to be successful in so you got to realize that the decisions you want to make to live your own life on your terms, they are going to be tough and you’re going to have to live with some of the consequences of them but what is on the other side, the grass is always, always greener because when you are living life the way that you want to do, the way that you always dream of think about it, what more could you ask for. I went on this journey I left my old time job at Apple one of the largest company in the world, I started a business and I just went and made mentors of people who I know what’s killing it and I started paying attention to what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong and taking them out for coffee and asking them what mistakes they have made and I made a business and shortly within I think three months of starting I had an invite to the White House to shoot some video and after filming at the White House things are sort of fell into place, I got an invite to do some animations for an NHL and NBA and NFL teams, now I got videos in venues for sports teams nationwide but I am not here to brag, the point is as tell you this when you open yourself up to the possibilities and you understand that you have a huge challenge ahead of you but it is worth it and it is exactly what you want at this point in time, it is going to worth every ounce of pain. So I grow my business I work super hard on it day and night, there was some nights I would stay up to three 4 o’clock in the morning and some nights I wouldn’t sleep at all. A year and a year and off in my business I had gotten to a point where I was like man I haven’t vacationed, I’m going to take an entire month off and see if I can work from the road and I did I bought a plane ticket to Denver and I stayed in Denver for a week and then I got a paint ticket from Denver and I went to San Francisco and I stayed in San Francisco for a week and I got to visit Facebook headquarters and see Mark Zuckerberg and see old friends all over the country and then I got a ticket to Dallas and I stayed in Dallas for a week. All of that you think may be super expensive but guess what I did it for $500 round-trip, they are ways all there to get what you want you can travel hack, you can count surface, you can call up friends. If you want to travel a worthy can command just came all the other day saying he had traveled to every single country in the entire world without a single plane ticket by boat, by walking, by hiking he did it and if that is what you want to do you’ve got to be ready to accept that challenge and ready to go. What I want to do from here on is start axing for more out of life. What is it that you really want to do, stop thinking about money, I do have a fortune in my bank account, I’m not going on these extravagant vacations to Dubai and driving a Lamborghini around, I’m doing the things I want to do. I got back from that trip and I was like man I really want to do that again and I found a way to take road trips 3000 miles across the country in the course of nine days and do another amazing adventure and it has been extremely exciting, I’m extremely grateful for everyone who has helped me along the way and I think that if you really want to a. Become an entrepreneur or b. Travel the world or c.Take a year off, whatever it is you want to do you just have to put everything you have into it and you’ve got to get rid of that fear of failure and that is how you’re going to make it.


You probably heard me talking about designing a life that you actually want to live, you probably might have heard about my travel experiences and thought to yourself yes I want to do that eventually someday I probably do it and my guess is you have been thinking about it for a long time, so I want to tell you this stop thinking your time is right now, you don’t need any more time, you don’t need any more info, you don’t need to keep putting it off and planning for the perfect time because the truth of the matter is this you can be the person who sits around and think about living a better life or you can be the person would decides that today is the day that you are going to actually do it and I want that for you because you already have what it takes, you got a fire inside of you even if you can see right now it is late but you need to open yourself up to the possibilities and through a couple of logs into the flames. So join me and the your purpose tribe by subscribing to our YouTube channel and on iTunes podcast and if you really like us please leave a review this is Zephan Moses Blaxberg and I can’t wait to see you again and the your purpose podcasts.

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