YOP088: Abundant Travel with Ginger Kern

By February 2, 2018 Podcast Episode No Comments

Bio: Ginger Kern is a coach, TEDx speaker, a Fulbright alumna and the Curator of Global Shapers’ Boulder Hub.

After working in Europe for over three years and traveling to 25 countries around the world by the age of 25, she wanted to bring the ‘traveler’s mindset’ back to the United States. She saw that only 38% of Americans have their passport, and she’s out to change that stat.

Through her transformative travel coaching (www.gingerkern.com), The Traveler’s Mindset (www.travelersmindset.com), and through speaking at universities and organizations across the U.S., she loves encouraging a culture of openness, curiosity, and world-centric thinking.


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