YOP117: The Mike with Jim Sweeney

By May 12, 2018 Podcast Episode No Comments

Bio: As creator of the Trademarked MIKE cartoon sports character, Jim Sweeney has crafted his digital innovation to become the first universal animated brand in sports.

Sweeney believes MIKE will eventually be seen and heard on network television and Jumbotrons as both an entertaining sports personality.

Jim has built brand equity by penning 800+ blogs and publishing 38 MIKE Sports Comic Books and monetizes them via the numerous affiliate links housed within.

In addition to creating sports content for MIKE, the 58 year-old Sweeney still participates in sports (slowly!) as a masters athlete.

He is the USA representative for FIMBA – the governing body for masters basketball tournaments around the world.

Sweeney is utilizing his lifetime experiences in sports and business as a catalyst to bring the MIKE cartoon sports character to life and develop MIKE into a sports and cultural icon.